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Sportsman's Auction

Sunday, September 13th @ 1:00pm


Saturday, September 12th - 2pm to 4pm

&  Sunday @ 11am 

Consignment information: 302-668-7309 


There’s a past in every possession. That’s why at Delaware Estate Sales, we work to commemorate such a past by offering an extensive selection of age-old items that only grow better with time. So whether you’re looking to liquidate any prized collectibles, or simply peruse our current collection, we invite you to stop on by anytime.

Based out of Wilmington, Delaware Estate Sales has proudly served our loyal customers for nearly a decade. We consider all estate sales and auctions to be the perfect opportunity to honor a delicate piece of history, which is why we value everything from your grandfather’s classic chair to your grandmother’s elegant jewelry. Nothing is worthless here at Delaware Estate Sales, meaning anything you are looking to contribute will be openly embraced.

Unlike typical auction houses, Delaware Estate Sales also offers a multi-marketing platform that gives our clients the ability to offer auctions — off and on-site — as well as online or in-house. It’s truly up to whatever makes most sense to our customers, so we promise to give you a chance to hold auctions in any venue of your choice.

For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Delaware Estate Sales is always open to you.

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